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Through written narratives about women who have been recognized and selected by 10 collaborative organizations in the project “Advocacy for Women’s Rights” funded by the European Union and implemented by the CURE Foundation and the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment, we want to record the mark that women leave in their environment. The story of Vesna Moranjkić from Lukavac is one of the stories of strong women who have brought positive changes in their local communities.

The women’s association “Srce i Duša”, which has been operating in Prokosovići in Lukavac for several years, is one of those that show that the cooperation of the non-governmental sector and representatives of institutions, along with the persistence of activists within the organizations, can make changes, strengthen women and solve their problems. One of the members of this Association, with which the CURE Foundation and the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment (FWE) collaborates within the project “Advocacy for Women’s Rights” financed by the European Union, is Vesna Moranjkić, who responsibly asserts that numerous women from Lukavac, through the establishment of the Association and their struggle, have significantly empowered in every sense.

Vesna also claims that women from the Association have shown that by realizing their ideas they can do a lot in local communities and improve their living conditions. She says that she is most proud of the fact that they managed to start and finish the story of providing mammograms for the Health Center in Lukavac. In a short period of time, thanks to the cooperation with the Health Center and the city administration, and with the help of the mayor who listened to them and held talks with potential donors, the women managed to get a mammogram.