Research on the Foundation for Women's Empowerment 2022

As part of our monitoring, evaluation and learning process, the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment conducted an annual survey with the participation of its grantees to identify the achievements and opinions of supported organizations. The report focused on highlighting the achievements of the grantees and recognizing their impact and contribution in achieving women’s human rights and gender equality.

Thanks to the financial support of Mama Cash, in 2021, the Foundation for the Empowerment of Women is  conducted an evaluation, where 20 supported women’s organizations, activists and other stakeholders participated. According to the findings, they fully support the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment’s efforts in supporting women and social change movements to fully realize women’s human rights and gender equality, including tools and lobbying to increase funding for women’s organizations.

Participatory Donor​

The Foundation for Women’s Empowerment is happy to announce that it has become a participatory donor since 2022.
Inspired by Mama Cash and other participatory donors, we started building and testing a participatory donor program for and with our grantees.
As a result of our internal design process, we have developed a participatory model for the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment, where our board will make the final decision on new grants.
We are very grateful to everyone who participated in the creation of this Participatory Program – which enabled us to learn and develop together, as a foundation.

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