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independent and non-profit foundation based in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Our history

The Foundation for Women’s Empowerment was born in response to numerous calls from women ‘s local organizations ( WGOs ) across the country to create a mechanism to direct technical and financial support to significant initiatives to advance women’s human rights, gender equality and social justice, as well as to contribute the feminist movement.

For the feminist movement, the existence of the Foundation for the Empowerment of Women is an important source in contributing to the building of the feminist movement. Ensuring continued support through a program of grants to women’s organizations and women’s groups, the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment encourages women’s collective thinking, learning and building women’s solidarity, in order to always draw courage from the guidelines of feminist activists and women’s movements throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Values and principles

The Foundation for Women’s Empowerment strives to be transparent and responsible in all aspects of its work and believes that ‘Progressing together – changes are possible’.

Common principles for both the Board and the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment team are:

  • We believe that the projects of women’s organizations can have an impact of vital importance in the lives of women and their empowerment;
  • We believe in the principle of gender equality — that women and girls should have equal rights and opportunities at all stages of their lives;
  • We believe that: equal access to information, knowledge, resources and funds through education, research and capacity building in socio-economic aspects are a prerequisite for women’s empowerment.

A vision

The vision of the Foundation for Women's Empowerment is that empowered women have the capacity to self-organize, to know and demand their rights and thus contribute to the movement for women's human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The mission

The Foundation for the Empowerment of Women supports efforts and investments in the empowerment of women, women's human rights and gender equality in a way that strengthens the internal and external capacities of women's organizations and women's groups so that they are able to demand their rights, access to funds, as well as to have their voice heard. voice.

Our team

The Foundation for Women’s Empowerment  was founded and is still run by activists and members of women’s initiatives with many years of experience  experience in working with women.


Since 2014, the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment has been financially supported by the following organizations

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