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Association “Sara-Srebrenica” has been working for 22 years to improve the conditions of marginalized groups in that local community, their economic empowerment, and every success gives them wings to continue.

Through written narratives about women who have been recognized and chosen by 10 collaborating organizations in the “Advocacy for Women’s Rights” project funded by the European Union and realized by the CURE Foundation and the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment, we want to record the mark left by women in their environment. The story of Stana Medić from Srebrenica is one of the stories of strong women who brought about positive changes in their local communities.

Stana says that she gives the greatest recognition to women from rural areas who are always neglected, they need more resources for living, and they are far from the city and therefore deprived of any information about exercising their rights. “Therefore, we worked very hard with them on the development of their ideas and economic empowerment. “I am most proud of the sewing course we organized because four participants managed to find work, while the rest contributed to their household budget and economic empowerment by remaking clothing,” says Stana. Otherwise, for them, it is a great success when any woman does something for herself with the help of various educational workshops and the knowledge she gains from them, especially in an environment like Srebrenica.