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During the workshop “Creating a feminist manifesto as one of the tools for building a feminist movement in BiH”, which was held in the period from March 1 to March 3, 2023, and in which 10 organizations from 10 local communities from Bosnia and Herzegovina participated, created is the Feminist Manifesto.

The project is supported by Mama Cash

Regardless of how long I have been raising my voice and in what way, what color my skin is, what economic status I am, whether I am currently experiencing violence, whether I am being discriminated against, whether I am paid for the work I do, what is my level of education, what is my ethnicity, whether I belong to national minorities, what is my sexual orientation, where I live or whether I am a disabled person, whether I am alone or I do have a family that I chose or got, whether I am responsible for someone and whether I have support, I want you to know that:

I want you to see me, to hear me, I want you to respect my needs!

I don’t want to be a taboo subject!

I am not your maid, cook, housekeeper, nurse…

It is not my job to produce your children and please you and the state – that can only be my decision. When and if I decide to do so, I want to have the security, rights and possibility to make it happen.

I want to be free from uninvited scrutiny, disrespectful remarks, unwanted touches, judgments, stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, mobbing, hatred and segregation! I want to be free from fear and sure that no form of violence will happen to me and that the system will protect me. I don’t want war, nor to relive war traumas. I do not want my body to be used as a “weapon of war”.

I want to be able to speak freely without being silenced or ignored. I want to have a choice no matter how wrong my choice seems to you. I want to grow and develop into the best version of myself, without social and legal shackles. I want to have a quality education system, affordable and quality health care, good infrastructure, social support and realized equal maternity rights. I want a safe and dignified childhood and old age.

Mutual understanding, respect, solidarity and appreciation are important to me.

I want to be equal in both private and public life.

Past, present, future – always dressed the way I want, proud of myself, confident in myself, in my qualities and values – with heels, with prostheses or sneakers on my feet! My strength lies in me and my sisters, friends, comrades and collaborators!

I respect and love myself the most, and that’s why I’m a feminist and in the feminist movement!

I stand in the movement with my like-minded women, activists, feminists, sisters, friends, heroes, and we will not be silent, nor will we look down! We stand in solidarity and will always resist every oppressive boot that diminishes the value of all women, restrains us and our rights, determines the length of our skirts, our freedom of movement, speech, choice of work and progress.

We have always resisted the patriarchy and when I can no longer resist, my successors will be there, as my predecessors were before me.

We shall never stop protesting against the system that oppresses us and does not accept us as equals.

I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.”

Rebecca West