Influence of social capital on knowledge management - Evidence from nonprofit industry

My dearest colleagues and friends,


hope this mail finds you well.


The reason I write to you is to kindly ask you to take participation in an online survey, I am conducting under my PhD research, titled:

„Influence of social capital on knowledge management - Evidence from nonprofit industry”. The survey is a cornerstone of my PhD research I pursue at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Belgrade University.


Importance of this research is two-fold. First, no one has ever done any similar research in the field of nonprofit industry. Second, no one has ever done such an in-depth analysis correlating all social capital elements, forms and dimensions with various knowledge management phases and maturity. To that end, the outcome of this research will impact not only the management science but will also significantly influence further social and professional development of the nonprofit organisations worldwide. The findings of the survey will be integrated in my PhD thesis and in the scientific paper. Both will be publicly available and I will be glad to share them with you.


Below is the link with the online survey. You just need to click on it and the survey will start. It will take you 15 minutes to read the instructions and answer all the questions. Answering is very easy as you will not need to write the answers but rather evaluate the proposed statements from 1 (complete disagreement) to 5 (complete agreement). You can work on it using various e-devices (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.).

The questions are not of mandatory nature but I will highly appreciate answering them all as everything you say is of enormous importance for overall results of the survey. The survey will be open for a month, but “the sooner the better” approach would be the best option given your, probably, quite hectic daily agenda.


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