Programme strategy

The programme strategy clearly reflects its mandate of strengthening women’s movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through grant-making in promoting women's empowerment, gender equality and women's human rights.

The Foundation for Women’s Empowerment strives to achieve its mandate through its defined following two strategic objectives:

Strengthening the capacities of women´s grass root organizations and women´s groups

Facilitation in the strengthening /building of women´s movement


The objectives are clustered in three programs:


Grant Making Program

This program is the core activity of the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment. It offers financial and technical support to women’s grassroots CSOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) helping them in the implementation of relevant and innovative, specifically within the Foundation's priority areas projects related to women's empowerment, women's rights and gender equality. 

Technical Resource Program

To complement the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment’s grant-making efforts, the Foundation provides extensive relevant trainings and capacity building workshops to its grantees and provides operational backing through consultants by covering topics ranging from financial management and proposal writing, media and communications ,among many others,through

Internal Capacity Building - Providing institutional and technical support to women`s CSOs in order to strengthen their internal organizational governance.

External Capacity Building  - Providing developing the advocacy and lobbying skills of women's grassroots CSOs to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns resulting in more sustainable impact on government policies in BiH. 

Research and Surveys Program

Through Research and Surveys program the Foundation aims to serve as a hub for critical analysis with regard of respect of women`s human rights and gender equality,as well as this will contribute to upgrading the Foundation’s knowledge base for the formulation its further strategic intervention in order to improve the effectiveness of their initiatives and the overall impact of their workand to advance the work of women's grassroots CSOs to contribute to women's right movement building.

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