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Urgent fund - Urgent fund - Deadline: 31.12.2015

Foundation for Women’s Empowerment accepts grant requests anytime.

Urgent Grant requests can be up to 800 BAM ($500 USD).

Foundation for Women’s Empowerment is making small grants as urgent financial support for short-term interventions in cases of violations of women’s human rights, on all grounds.

Within 48 hours you will receive the answer whether your request has been approved.

To apply for funding send us your Project Proposal and Budget on our mail address



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Closed projects - Solidarity fund - Deadline: 28.11.2014

Solidarity Fund


01.03.2015. - 01.05.2015.- Association "Slow Tourism" from Žepče through the project " Production of gherkins - for women whose crops perished in floods in Zepče " provided 14 women with a gherkin seedlings. Through cultivation and selling of gherkins all 14 women ensured their economic empowerment.The project was supported in the amount of 6.963 KM.

25.12.2014. - 25.04.2015. – Foundation "Hastor" from Sarajevo through the project "My farm" distributed chickens, horses and cows for 5 women from the village of Gornja Miričina in the Gracanica municipality and enabled the women to restore their livestock and economic viability. This project was supported in the amount of 7.000 KM.

01.04.2015. - 24.04.2015. - Association for children and youth with special needs "Lotos" from Zenica through the project "Petting farm - support in a time of sorrow" distributed to their beneficiaries 4 goats and a greenhouse. The project was supported in the amount of 4.000 KM.

01.012.2015. – 12.04.2015.Citizen’s Association for the promotion of education of Roma "Otaharin" from Bijeljina through the project “School Supplies for Roma children” distributed the school material and books to 125 Roma children (66 boys and 59 girls) and installed heating system in their Daily center for Roma children.The project was supported in the amount of 7,280 KM.


07.01.2015 - 07.04.2015 - Association of Women "Women Big Heart in BiH" from Gradačac through the project "The role of civil society in the prevention of incidents motivated by hate and discrimination in the areas affected by floods " distributed greenhouses and nursery materials (onions, potatoes, cucumber and squash) to 15 women from the community Vukosavlje and 3 women from Bosanski Samac, as well as for 1000 pupils from Primary School "Mesa Selimovic" from Bijeljina (Janja) school material and books computer and projector. This project was supported in the amount of 6.937KM.


05.01.2015 - 05.04.2015Association "Tolerance towards Diversity" from Doboj through the project "Give them back their self-confidence" distributed building materials for the rehabilitation of agricultural facilities to 3 women from 3 local communities (Bare, Bukovicka čivćije and Pridjel gornji) which help them to continue with their agricultural production. Also for 133 women they organized 5 educational workshops entitled "Insuring additional income through agricultural production", with a focus on the greenhouse and mushrooms production. This project was supported in the amount of 6.700 KM.

05.01.2015. - 05.04.2015.- Institute for Youth Development "Kult" from Sarajevo through the project "We must not stop" provided assistance for the realization of the conditions necessary to restart the cultivation of mushrooms to a woman who survived the war torture.The project was supported in the amount of 6.590 KM.

12.01.2015 -  31.03.2015. - Association of Women “Women's forum Milići” from Milići through the project "Humanity at work" distributed 7 food and hygiene kits, school supplies for children, furniture, wood for heating and clothes to 7 women in a social need from Milici municipality (one beneficiary is a single mother with five children).The project was supported in the amount of 6.990 KM.

05.01.2015. - 31.03.2015Association (ADL) from Zavidovići, in cooperation with women's associations operating in the local communities, through the project "Support to the Economic stability of Women from flooded areas"distributed 12 packets of material assistance and food and agricultural items for spring planting to 12 women from rural areas affected by last year's floods and landslides that are in a social need and unfavourable socio-economic situation. Package contents determined according to the individual needs of the women beneficiaries. The project was supported in the amount of 7.000,00 KM.

05.01.2015. - 31.03.2015. - Women's Association "Priroda" from Bratunac through the project "Irrigation systems - revitalization raspberry production" provided 14 women from 10 local communities in Bratunac municipality with the irrigation systems. The project was supported in the amount of 7.000 KM.

01.01.2015. - 31.03.2015. - CURE Foundation from Sarajevo through the project "Support and strengthen - You are not alone!" for 11 women from 7 municipalities (Ilijaš, Zavidovoći, Ilidža, Hadžići, Sarajevo, Eastern Sarajevo and Vareš) distributed: food packets, medicines, furniture, greenhouse, material for  bathroom renovation, sewing machine, packages for upcoming vegetable planting, as well as one woman, survivor of war torture, was enabled to do a medical examination in  Banja Luka. During the project implementation CURE activists had the opportunity to talk with the women beneficiaries in a safe space in which these women expressed their needs and problems. The project was supported in the amount of 7.000 KM.

23.12.2014 - 23.03.2015. - Association for assistance to victims and survivors of sexual violence in war "Our Voice" from Tuzla through the project "Provision of short-term help for women affected by floods and landslides," for 11 women members of their association provided: coal and wood for heating, furniture and food packages. The project was supported in the amount of 7.000 KM.

01.02.2015 - 15.03.2015. - Women's Association "Woman of the 21st century" from Doboj Jug through the project "Empowering women through agricultural activities" provided 12 women with 12 cultivators and agricultural tools to enable them to continue their agricultural production and raise their economic independence. The project was supported in the amount of 7.000 KM.

14.01.2015. - 14.03.2015. – Association of Women "Orašje’s Women" from Orašje through the project "Support for women in the flood affected areas" for 5 women delivered vacuum cleaners, stoves, refrigerators and furniture. The project was supported in the amount of  4.063 KM.

09.01.2015 - 13.03.2015.Association "Roma girl – Romani ćej" from Prnjavor through the project "Women from Vukosavlje" for 55 Roma women, with a large number of household members, distributed 55 food and hygiene kits. The project was supported in the amount of 7.000 KM.

05.01.2015 - 05.03.2015. Association of Women with malignant diseases "Heart of Brčko " from Brčko through the project "Heart to Heart" for 20 women suffering from breast cancer organized 5 workshops in the form of occupational therapy, as well as for 20 women provided:  means for medical treatment, hygiene products, sterile gauzes for treatment after radiation and medicine therapy, as well as food packages and bedding. The project was supported in the amount of 7.000 KM.

05.01.-05.03.2015-Association of Women "Kosovke" from Maglaj through the project " Support for women in the flood affected areas in Maglaj", for their 25 members distributed: furniture, refrigerators, stoves and equipment to repair the bathroom. The project was supported in the amount of 6.900 KM.

01.01.2015 - 01.03.2015. – Women's Association "Maja" from Kravica through the project "Support women in spring planting" for 45 women (with 215 family members), from Bratunac provided an agricultural packages for the upcoming planting season. The project was supported in the amount of 6.930 KM.

22.12.2014 - 22.02.2015.- Association of Women with Disabilities "Impuls" from Bijeljina through the project  "With appreciation" for 8 member of their association provided: medicines (Budinofalk, Ursofalk, Imuran and vitamins), as well as food and hygiene packages, furniture and firewood.The project was supported in the amount of 6.870 KM.

22.12.2014.-22.02.2015.- Foundation "Lara" from Bijeljina through the project “Adaptation of a heating systemin a safe house” has installed a heating system and built a chimney in the Safe house for women victims of domestic violence in Bijeljina. The project was supported in the amount of 7.000 KM.

20.12.2014 - 20.01.2015. – Association of Women returnees "Jadar" from Konjevic Polje renovated and equipped the Association premises through the project "Reparation of the Association’s premises", which was completely destroyed during the May 2014 floods. This project has enabled the continuation of educational workshops for women returnees (e.g. violence against women, sexual and reproductive health), as well as continuation with computer and English language classes for women and children. The project was supported in the amount of 6.960 KM.








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